Northern Champs 2017!

Save the dates, Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th June 2017. We’re excited to be going back to Hyde Town Hall for the 4th annual Northern Champs Ceroc competition. Save the dates in your diaries. Online booking opens in January 2017. Sign up to our newsletters to receive money off vouchers for the first 10 bookings and special offers throughout the new year.

Thank You.

WOW! I’m overwhelmed with the amazing feedback from all you amazing dancers who joined us at the weekend. I’m so pleased you joined us and supported the event.

I’ve got a lot of lovely people to thank for helping to make the Northern Champs possible. Huge thanks go to the Ceroc Addiction team for helping with set up & pack down of the venue. You helped to transform the venue into a vibrant & welcoming dance space for everyone to enjoy. My thanks go to Glen, Suzie, Jo, Emma, Caroline, Mark, Carol, James, Jenna, Jonathan, Andrew, Shannon, Stuart & Rufus.

When the venue is set up and ready to go, you need music for dancing to! We carefully selected some of the best DJs in the UK to provide some spectacular tracks to dance & compete to. Massive thanks to Sheena Assiph for your epic sets on Friday & Saturday night. Thanks to Jonathan Gammon & Rufus Bennett for keeping everyone energised between competition heats and of course Chris Uren for his legendary competition set (will post the link to his blog which will detail all his tracks played) – Definitely some of the best music I’ve ever heard at a competition. Hats off to you all.

Competition means having to figure out who should win, and to decide that we had a fantastic lineup of judges who each brought their own knowledge of dance & expertise to help place the competitors. Thank you to David & Lily Barker, James & Jenny Richardson, Taz & Clare Kapur, Sheena Assiph, Kerry Rutherford, Franck Pauly and Paula Ledsham.

When the judges had scored the competitors they needed organising and inputting into the scoring tables. Ben & Michelle did a phenomenal job with roughly 3,800 individual numbers entered they displayed digital results and provided us with the top 6 in every category of the competition. They barely left their station all day and double checked every entry for accuracy. So proud of you both. You did a fantastic job.

Thank you to our videographer & photographers for helping to capture the day. Thank you Stuart (Random Dance Videos – YouTube) who managed to capture the day in HD – here’s the YouTube playlist. (YouTube has made some videos unavailable on certain devices due to music copyright claims.) Thank you Stephen North for his beautiful photographs & live streaming of the day.

Gary, I’m so grateful to you for helping me compere the Northern Champs. You were so good! I’ve had so much positive feedback and have already had demands to have you back again next year. As one of my closest friends, I could not have asked for a better co-host, we helped to keep each others energy on max all day and it was an honour to share the mic with you.

I’d like to give my special thanks to those people who have helped me throughout the past 8 months, to Rufus, thank you for your tireless efforts with organising the venue and your help & support at the weekend. Jonathan, you star! You helped to keep me motivated, organised & provided a heap of tech for us to enjoy the event to the fullest extent. It would not have been possible without you and special thanks to Andrew for providing the lighting wizardry all at the touch of a button. Maja, thank you for believing in me, for trusting me to run this Ceroc Addiction event and for all your support both personally & professionally.

Finally, this weekend would not have been a success without YOU, the dancers & competitors who supported our event, those of you who danced on our floors and screamed the house down with your applause. Congratulations to all the winners. Well done everyone for taking part. You are the ones that make us want to continue running the Northern Champs. So here’s to next year, dates will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on out for the Facebook event.

Thank you one and all, a fabulous event and I’m already excited for next years. Keep dancing and always have a #LovelyTime – Jamie x

On The Day

I’ve compiled some info about general things, I shall be keeping this page updated so keep checking back.

Lucky Dip

Doors open 11am, pairing starting around 11:45am. Competition kicks off at midday. If you’re competing in Lucky Dip please arrive 15 mins early to get your number if you don’t already have it.

Tickets & Numbers

Nothing is being posted to you, we’re entirely digital, so turn up and we’ll have you on file. Turn up on Friday or Saturday and you’ll be given a pack of your number(s) safety pins, a schedule & some info about local places to eat & other bits of useful info. If you’d like clarification of what you’ve booked prior to turning up, please email for more info.

Food & Drink at the Venue

Food was being decided and unfortunately the venue now cannot accommodate us, which is a shame, but is a blessing in disguise. You can bring your own food & drink to the venue on the day. We will be providing some soft drinks & plenty of water however no food will be available at the venue. For those who like to pop out for food, there is an ASDA over the road where most of you will probably park anyway. There’s a costa & a greggs and other random food places literally 5 minutes walk away from the venue. The bar in the venue will be open from 6pm on Saturday until close.


There’s no direct parking at the town hall but we have arranged with the ASDA that is next door that we can park in there for free! There’s a few other car parks around the area that charge so it’s up to you what you want to do!


Make sure you’re near the floor at least 5 minutes before you are due to compete, it helps everybody and keeps us all on time. We shan’t be waiting too long for you so you must be responsible for your presence in the competition.


Event Schedule NC 2016

More info to come, keep checking back!

Happy Dancing, Jamie x

Booking System is Online!

Time to start booking your categories & tickets for this year’s Northern Champs. Make sure you’ve signed up to our Newsletters to receive money off vouchers & other offers exclusive for our subscribers.

Follow this link to the booking system.

New Category Announcement

Match – No Partner? No Problem!

Some people just can’t find their ideal dance partner. For some it’s a distance issue with no time or money to practice or hire halls. Some people just find it hard asking their favourite dancer. For those that do pluck up the courage to ask someone to compete with them, they realise they haven’t considered they may not actually be ideal dance partners. We’re trying to alleviate all this and more with our new category… Match.

So what is Match?

It’s a freestyle fixed partnered category that you book alone, no partner required. After you book, you’ll be directed to fill out your dance profile, asking about your dance style, what you’re looking for in a dancer & so on. Our clever computer algorithms will then Match you to your ideal dance partner. The more people that book on to this category, the greater your chance of finding your ideal partner. Who knows you may even find your future dance partner though our Match category!

How does it work?

Wouldn’t you like to know!? Once the data has been taken from all applicants, you’ll be assigned your ideal dance partner from the Match database via a clever computer algorithm.

When can I find out who I’ve been paired with?

On the day! More details will follow when you book your category.

I already have a dance partner, can I enter anyway?

Yes! However, all our Matches will be checked against the rest of our bookings. If your ideal dance partner is someone you’re already competing with at the Northern Champs, you’ll be paired with your next closest match to keep it fair.

What if there’s someone I don’t want to be Matched with?

There are all sorts of reasons you don’t want to be partnered with someone for a fixed partner freestyle, I don’t want to know why, but there is room at the bottom of your dance profile should that be the case.

Can I enter even though I’m a Amateur or Open-Level dancer?

Yes! This category will be divided up into Amateur and Open divisions.

When can I book?

When the booking system opens in a few days time! Not long now until bookings open, have you signed up to our mailing list where we will be giving away discount codes to use with our booking system including 20% off your total order, buy one get one free and much more. If you haven’t, just enter your email address in the box to the top right of this page or at the bottom on a mobile.

Lots of fun, laughter & surprises to be had at the Northern Champs this year. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Jamie & The Northern Champs team.

Become a Northern Champs VIP

Do you want to become a Northern Champs VIP? We’re offering FREE VIP Entry to the champs this year for a limited number of dancers. You’ll also be given 2 categories to compete in FREE of charge too. What’s more is we’re giving you the power to hand out a 5% discount to 5 of your friends TOTAL bookings! Read on for more info…

Whats the catch?

You’ll need 5 friends to book either a Full Event Pass or Saturday Day Entry, plus any 2 categories (excluding lucky dip) of their choice. You don’t have to book on their behalf, you’ll just have to give your VIP discount to your friends, they have to be fully booked & paid up by Friday 3rd June 2016 in order to secure your booking.

What do I need to do to become a VIP?

To become a VIP:

  • Send an email to registering your interest in becoming a VIP & provisionally book your two free categories.
  • We’ll reply to you with a code for you to distribute to your friends (or whoever you want!) The code has a limit of 5 uses and can only be used once per booking.
  • Your 5 friends must book either a Full Weekend Event Ticket or Saturday only Day Pass PLUS any two categories (except Lucky Dip) for the code & booking to be valid.
  • Once all 5 discounts have been used then your booking becomes confirmed and we’ll send you a confirmation email.
  • Remember your booking only becomes complete once all 5 people have booked via the online booking system. It’ll be your responsibility to ensure everyone has booked.

What are the full benefits of being a Northern Champs VIP?

I’m glad you asked. As a VIP for the Northern Champs, you’ll:

  • Receive FREE entry to the competition on Saturday 25th June
  • Be granted 2 categories of your choice, free of charge.
  • Give 5 of your friends 5% discount off their total booking.
  • Get first refusal on table reservation, provided you have enough people in your group. Group sizes TBC.
  • Access to the hall earlier on competition day to organise your table & get yourself prepared for the day.

What if I want to book extra categories & the Friday Northern Star Freestyle?

If you want to book extra categories or the Friday Northern Star Freestyle, you’ll book as normal via the online booking system. Note: you cannot use your own discount or any other discount code to book your extra categories or freestyle. If you do, this may void your VIP status!


  • All 5 of your friends you have signed up must be fully booked & paid up by Friday 3rd June 2016
  • Lucky Dip does not count toward your friends 2 category minimum booking. All other categories are valid.
  • Your friends must book either a Full Event Ticket or Saturday Day Entry for their booking to be valid.
  • Only one discount may be used per booking. If two people book in the same booking, they will only count as one.
  • Your friends must use your 5% discount to qualify towards your total 5 friend quota.
  • If you wish to book any extra categories & freestyle, you may not use your own discount code or any other VIP code. If you do, this may void your VIP status.

2016 Dates Announced

Join us Friday 24th & Saturday 25th June 2016 for the 3rd annual Northern Champs event! Plenty of trophies, medals, dancing, fun & laughter to come your way in our NEW VENUE, Hyde Town Hall. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to our growing Northern competition hosted by Jamie & the Ceroc Addiction team.

2015 Results

Well done to all competitors, stepping out onto the competition floor is a scary prospect for anyone, even the pros but you all did fabulously! Congratulations to the winners and those who placed, you can see a list of them by following this link.

Don’t Miss Out!

Popular categories have SOLD OUT & others are close to SELLING OUT! Don’t miss out with only 1 week to go, it’s time to BOOK NOW!

Don’t forget, you can book your categories separately to your event tickets if you need to spread the cost.

At time of writing, the following categories are SOLD OUT:

  • Novice Amateur Freestyle
  • Top Cats (Amateur Division)
  • Experienced Amateur Freestyle
  • Senior Amateur Freestyle
  • Double Trouble
  • Pro-Am (Amateur Follower)
  • Back 2 Basics

The following categories are CLOSE to SELLING OUT:

  • Open Freestyle – Spaces for 3 couples
  • Top Cats (Open Division) – Spaces for 1 Man (Couples tickets available until Thurs 25th June – Contact for details)
  • Showcase – Space for 1 more couple
  • Pro-Am (Amateur Leader) – Space for 2 leaders

Don’t miss out – once they’re sold out there’s nothing we can do. She schedule is TIGHT and we have to stick to the numbers in order to ensure we run to time.


Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester on 26th & 27th June 2015

Jamie & the Northern Champs team.

Judges, DJs & Compère … Oh My!

Things are hotting up as we are proud to announce the line up of DJs, your Judges & FABULOUS Compere! From across the UK & Australia, we’ve amassed some incredible dance talent & music connoisseurs. Take a look:

Competition DJ

Chris Uren

It’s Chris’s job to make sure you get to dance to some truly inspiring tracks to help bring out your best on the competition floor. Back for his second year as competition DJ, the spotlights on him to excel & exceed expectations. No pressure!


Jamie Stormer

This dance diva has a way with words & will help keep you all on track & on time. Providing you with entertainment between heats & getting the crowd roaring with excitement, Jamie will be ramping up the energy, sponsored by whichever energy drink is on offer!


  • Bex Holmes
  • David Barker
  • Franck Pauly
  • Gary Stubbs
  • Jen Hoy
  • Julie Gunn (CMJ Australia)
  • Lily Barker
  • Lisa “CurlyWurly” Graydon
  • Lyndsey Bennett
  • Sheena Assiph
  • Taz Kapur

This fine list of people is enough to set anyones dance-card alight, they’ll be judging with their knowledge of dance, their impartiality, brutal honesty & their kind words of advice. Give them a cheeky wink & a smile! It’s all about being noticed by these incredible dancers.

Freestyle DJs

  • Jon Gammon
  • Kevin Sambridge
  • Sheena Assiph

Jon, Kevin & Sheena will be spinning the tunes between heats & in the evening freestyle sessions. Sheena will be DJing all night Friday too! Last years music was top notch! I’m looking forward to hearing what these 3 music maestros have for our aural pleasure this year.


Tickets are selling faster and faster each day, don’t miss out on what’s set to be a fantastic event with fun & laughter alongside some serious competition. We crowned the cream of the crop last year, will you be the next Northern Champ?

– Jamie & the Northern Champs team.