On The Day

Saturday “Competition Day”

Doors Open at 11am. Pick up your competition pack from the main desk which includes your Dance Number and wristband. You will need to wear your wristband throughout the competition and it means you can come and go from the venue as you please.

Lucky Dip competition pairing

Couples will be partnered on the dance floor at 11:30am. If you are not on the floor at 11:30am you may miss your place!

No Knockouts!

Many of our categories require you to dance throughout the day, there will be no “knocking out” in categories such as Fixed Category Freestyle, Back to Bascis or Double Trouble. Instead you’ll dance to a variety of music and different genres to get the whole picture of what you can do. It’d be a shame to lose you from the competition just because a specific genre isn’t your strong suit. Lucky Dip & Top Cats will still work on a heat/knock-out basis.


There is a licensed bar in the venue so please do not bring your own drink into the venue as it may be confiscated.

Medals & Trophies

Everyone who gets to the finals or is placed in the top 6 of their category will receive a finalist medal and top 3 will receive a trophy EACH.


There is an ASDA car park directly behind the venue, for other car parks around the area, use this Google Map.


Booking System

What do I need to enter the building?

Entry tickets. You need an entry ticket before you can compete. Entry tickets enable you to enter the building and spectate or dance at the event. Competition categories are separate to entry tickets. At the least, a Saturday Day Entry is required to compete on Saturday 23rd June.

The booking system isn’t working

Please ensure you have cookies enabled as the booking system uses an e-commerce system similar to Amazon. If cookies are not enabled the basket & checkout processes may not work as intended.

I don’t have a PayPal account!

You don’t need one. You can enter your details & pay with your credit or debit card. We use PayPal as we feel it is the most secure payment system online. If you have any reservations or questions about PayPal, please contact us at info@northernchamps.com

All bookings are final

When you book a category or ticket for the Northern Champs you’re booking a place, this place is transferable to somebody else (only when you contact us to let us know) but it is not refundable. If unforeseen circumstances occur we can help you to resell your ticket but all bookings once completed are final.



Amateur Dancer

  • A dancer who doesn’t teach (within the past year) or receives payment for teaching/performing.
  • A competitor that does not compete or hasn’t placed in the Open divisions.

Open Level Dancer

  • A teacher or performer who receives payment for their services (in the past 6 months or intends to do so in 6 months time).
  • Anyone who has won (placed 1st) at Advanced Level 3 or more times within the past 2 years at any modern jive competition in the UK.
  • A competitor who competes or has placed in the Open divisions.


  • A move where one person is lifted into the air by their partner and both feet have left the floor.
  • If one foot remains on the floor, the move is not classed as an aerial.