Northern Champs 2016

Northern Champs 2016

WOW! I’m overwhelmed with the amazing feedback from all you amazing dancers who joined us at the weekend. I’m so pleased you joined us and supported the event.

I’ve got a lot of lovely people to thank for helping to make the Northern Champs possible. Huge thanks go to the Ceroc Addiction team for helping with set up & pack down of the venue. You helped to transform the venue into a vibrant & welcoming dance space for everyone to enjoy. My thanks go to Glen, Suzie, Jo, Emma, Caroline, Mark, Carol, James, Jenna, Jonathan, Andrew, Shannon, Stuart & Rufus.

When the venue is set up and ready to go, you need music for dancing to! We carefully selected some of the best DJs in the UK to provide some spectacular tracks to dance & compete to. Massive thanks to Sheena Assiph for your epic sets on Friday & Saturday night. Thanks to Jonathan Gammon & Rufus Bennett for keeping everyone energised between competition heats and of course Chris Uren for his legendary competition set (will post the link to his blog which will detail all his tracks played) – Definitely some of the best music I’ve ever heard at a competition. Hats off to you all.

Competition means having to figure out who should win, and to decide that we had a fantastic lineup of judges who each brought their own knowledge of dance & expertise to help place the competitors. Thank you to David & Lily Barker, James & Jenny Richardson, Taz & Clare Kapur, Sheena Assiph, Kerry Rutherford, Franck Pauly and Paula Ledsham.

When the judges had scored the competitors they needed organising and inputting into the scoring tables. Ben & Michelle did a phenomenal job with roughly 3,800 individual numbers entered they displayed digital results and provided us with the top 6 in every category of the competition. They barely left their station all day and double checked every entry for accuracy. So proud of you both. You did a fantastic job.

Thank you to our videographer & photographers for helping to capture the day. Thank you Stuart (Random Dance Videos – YouTube) who managed to capture the day in HD – here’s the YouTube playlist. (YouTube has made some videos unavailable on certain devices due to music copyright claims.) Thank you Stephen North for his beautiful photographs & live streaming of the day  and to Jonathan Hunter in between competing who also managed to snap some spectacular shots of everyone, including the winners.

Gary, I’m so grateful to you for helping me compere the Northern Champs. You were so good! I’ve had so much positive feedback and have already had demands to have you back again next year. As one of my closest friends, I could not have asked for a better co-host, we helped to keep each others energy on max all day and it was an honour to share the mic with you.

I’d like to give my special thanks to those people who have helped me throughout the past 8 months, to Rufus, thank you for your tireless efforts with organising the venue and your help & support at the weekend. Jonathan, you star! You helped to keep me motivated, organised & provided a heap of tech for us to enjoy the event to the fullest extent. It would not have been possible without you and special thanks to Andrew for providing the lighting wizardry all at the touch of a button. Maja, thank you for believing in me, for trusting me to run this Ceroc Addiction event and for all your support both personally & professionally.

Finally, this weekend would not have been a success without YOU, the dancers & competitors who supported our event, those of you who danced on our floors and screamed the house down with your applause. Congratulations to all the winners. Well done everyone for taking part. You are the ones that make us want to continue running the Northern Champs. So here’s to next year, dates will be revealed soon. Keep an eye on out for the Facebook event.

Thank you one and all, a fabulous event and I’m already excited for next year! Keep dancing and always have a #LovelyTime

Jamie x

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